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The Awapuhi Wild Ginger system is proven to repair damage resulting from heat styling, chemical processing and aging, replenishing every strand with vital protein and intensive moisture. Awapuhi Wild Ginger is 100% sulfate-free and a color safe system.

Strong, Healthy Hair begins with this revolutionary KeraTriplex professional hair treatment.
Our exclusive Paul Mitchell KeraTriplex blend penetrates, repairs and seals hair.
    Ideal For:
  • Naturally dry, brittle hair
  • Sun-damaged hair
  • Lightened or chemically treated hair

For centuries, Hawaiian natives have used the fragrant juice of the Awapuhi ginger plant to moisturize skin and hair.Captivated by the plant's healing benefits, John Paul DeJoria, Paul Mitchell and friends ESTABLISHED A SUSTAINABLE, SOLAR-POWERED AWAPUHI FARM IN HAWAII NEARLY 30 YEARS AGO. Each plant is harvested and processed by hand with special care to preserve its hydrating properties. Our unique extraction method allows the most lipid-rich part of the Awapuhi root to build the hair shaft, leaving hair softer and more manageable with intense shine.

Considered the "spine" of the hair shaft, keratin protein is a vital element in strong healthy hair. OUR EXCLUSIVE KERATRIPLEX BLEND PENETRATES, REPAIRS AND SEALS DAMAGED HAIR.

Derived from New Zealand sheep's wool KeraTriplex is virtually identical to the protein found in human hair. Raised on green pastures without chemicals or antibiotics, our sheep are never harmed during the shearing process. The fleece is specially treated to maintain its reparative benefits, creating the most potent blend of keratin proteins in hair care today.


The Awapuhi system is proven to repair damage resulting from heat styling, chemical processing and aging replenishing every strand with vital protein and intense moisture.

Call today for your Awapuhi Wild Ginger KeraTriplex Treatment.
 Priced from $40.00 and up. This treatment lasts from 4 to 6 weeks

Some more about Awapuhi....

Awapuhi is a native Hawaiian plant that has been used by the indigenous people of these islands for hundreds of years. It is often referred to as “shampoo ginger,” and its most well-known use is that of a shampoo and hair conditioner.
However, the gel from the flowers is also used as a massage lubricant, the root is used for indigestion, toothache, and sprains and as a fragrance to scent clothing, and the leaves can be used as a flavoring for foods.
The root of the plant was not traditionally used in cooking (as common ginger is), but you can drink the flower gel to quench your thirst. Awapuhi is a perennial plant; it dies back each winter, and grows anew in the spring.
The leaf stalks are the first to emerge, growing up to three feet tall with several blade-like leaves on each stalk. During the summer months, the flower stalk emerges from the soil, rather than growing from the leaf stalk as one might expect.
The flower is club shaped with overlapping scales that fill with liquid as the flower matures and turns red. After the flower dies in the fall, the roots are harvested and dried for later use.