Paul Mitchell Focus Salons specialize in delivering expert advice about Paul Mitchell, Tea Tree, and Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color because John Paul Mitchell Systems products are the only brands a Focus Salon carries (except for products not manufactured by us such as nail care, make up, etc.).

Our products are only guaranteed when sold by a professional hair salon. If you purchase professional salon products anywhere but from your hairstylist, chances are it is diverted and it could be old, stolen, counterfeit, or tampered with. Only you and your hairstylist can decide what products are best for your hair type, texture and style.

John Paul Mitchell Systems is carried in approximately 90,000 salons in 73 countries around the world, including thousands of Signature Salons and Focus Salons in the United States and Canada. Many of these salons offer a unique salon experience featuring the Color Bar, the Wash House and Take Home.